Service Details

– Duration: 60mins
– Price: $388/ treatment

Best Moisture Replenishing Facial.

Aqua Dew Skin Booster is a treatment developed from Korea to boost the well-being of your skin with an effect of 10 bottles of hydrating serum in just 1 treatment. You read that right. The treatment is super intensive (and yet, gentle enough for the skin) that you can try it out and have your skin looking so supple, radiant and energized

Harnessing the combined power of science and nature, a special active complex “AQUA” is deeply infused into your skin to activate unresponsive skin cells and feed them with intense hydration. Not only does it provides optimal hydration your skin needs, it also protects your skin from the sun and other environmental factors.

Everyone can look 5 years younger with Aqua Dew Booster!

Suitable For

For all skin types. Highly effective for skin with enlarged pores, blemishes with dry and dull appearance. 


– Skin presents a dewy glow effect. Pores are less visible. Younger, plumper skin.