Service Details

– Duration: 60mins
– Price: $388/ treatment

The Most Popular Facial Treatment For Pigmentation Skin

This glowing whitening skin booster combines the latest in powerful pigmentation removal technology from Korea with a house formulated whitening elixir that breaks up melanin clusters within the skin into smaller particles, which are then easily removed by the body’s natural system. A great dull skin treatment, skin will look brighter, clearer and hydrated after just one facial. Talk to your esthetician about including the Aqua White Skin Booster in your treatment plan to achieve great benefits (listed below). This is the most popular facial for anyone looking for pigmentation treatment or whitening treatment.


With a potent cocktail of illuminating ingredients, the whitening elixir is delivered into the skin via nano-sized particles for deeper, swifter penetration to soothe and illuminate complexions from inside out.

Suitable For

All skin types. Tackles sunspots, dark spots, uneven skin tone, dry & lack of firmness, dull & tired skin.


– Lightens freckles, blemish scars, sun spots and even liver spots.

– Pumps moisture that’s equivalent to 8,000 hydration masks into your. skin(equivalent to using 8,000 facial masks!)

– Contracts pores and stimulates collagen boost

– Rejuvenates skin from the inside out for a rosy complexion. – Fairer, clearer and brighter complexion that’s plump, youthful and radiant.