Service Details

– Duration: 45 minutes
– Price: $188/ treatment

Do you want hydrated, glowing and firmer skin in a flash?

Aura Glow Booster combats ALL your skin imperfections with its patented contoured light technology. This unique technology can penetrate deeper into your skin than any other facial mask. It boosts our cell energy (ATP) so our skin can repair, rejuvenate and produce collagen naturally. Within a week after the treatment, skin starts to feel hydrated and glowing.

Suitable For

For all skin types, especially for dull and skin with imperfections such as pigmentation, scars, large pores. 


– ​Helps to even skin coloration and complexion.
– Increases the production of collagen and elastin fibres.
– Helps to speed up recovery from acne and prevent breakouts
– Firms aged and tired skin.
– Increases moisture retention.
– Reduces swollen capillaries.
– Alleviatesbsunburn and rosacea.