Service Details

– Duration: 60 minutes
– Price: $388/ treatment

Ready for super hydrated “glass” skin look?

Baby Skin Booster is the BEST skin rejuvenation booster ever! Combining PDRN (PolyDeoxyRiboNuleotide) with cutting-edge technology, this booster gives you a perfect “GLASS”, BABY SMOOTH complexion in an INSTANT.
PDRN is extracted from Salmon DNA. It restores damaged and aged skin to healthy, baby smooth skin by promoting new cell growth and increasing skin elasticity through strengthening epidermis and dermis.

Suitable For

For all skin types. Especially if you…want a youthful face, have wrinkles, sagging & ageing skin, have open pores and scarring, have sensitive, dry skin resulting from harsh aesthetics treatments.


– Increased skin elasticity. Restores skin to baby smooth condition.