Service Details

– Duration: 75 minutes
– Price: $588/ treatment

Intensive facial that uses 3In1 Intensive Steps/ Peel, Booster Infusion, H20 Mask on your skin.

H20 Glass Skin Booster is suitable for all skin types and will transform that dull and dry skin into a springy-glowing skin. Your skin’s melanin clusters are broken down into smaller particles and lightened using Meso Pro machinery from Korea brings new world to the dermatologist.
The active ingredients applied on to your skin help to hydrate your skin and glowy glass skin look.

H20 Glass Skin Booster helps to achieve glass glow skin in a special 3 signature unique intensive steps,

H20 Glass Skin Aesthetic Peel
To give a natural, dewy and instant Glowy glass skin look

H20 Glass Skin Booster
Leaves skin perfectly hydrated without further cosmetics application, 1 session of skin booster equal to 10 bottles of Hydrating Serum apply to your skin. The H20 Glass Skin Booster composed of 56 active ingredients that brings about poly revitalizations. 
The Meso Pro machinery from Korea brings new world to the dermatologist as it helps on activation of the collagen cells that help on enhancing skin elasticity and gloss.

H20 Glass Skin Glow Mask
Enhances the health and beauty of your skin from the inside out by ampfusion technology to boost luminosity Glass Skin, deeply hydrates the skin, revealing a revitalized, brighter and Glass Skin look.

Suitable For:
All skin types who want their skin to achieve its best look sans makeup.

– Boost hydration and glow instantly
– Prevents Breakouts
– Improve complexion
– Promote collagen
– Glowy glass skin look