Service Details

– Duration: 40 minutes
– Price: $588/ treatment

The latest 36O° fat freezing technology in town

S-SCULPT 360° is the latest Fat Freezing machine from Korea featuring the world’s first 360 Fat Freezing technology for reduction of stubborn fat cells through controlled vaccum and cooling. You can reduce up to 40% fat content within one session as compared to traditional fat freezing machines. The S-Sculpt 360° Fat Freezing machine is designed to treat hard-to-reach areas like the double chin and bra fats. The S-SCULPT 360° Fat Freezing is a full body contouring treatment that targets mulitple body areas using advanced controlled cooling. Equipped with 5 interchangable applicators whereby 2-4 applicators can operate concurrently.

Suitable For

For all body types. It creates a permanent full body loss procedure. 


– Up to 40% Fat Reduction

– Target Localised Fat
– Non-Invasive
– No Downtime
– Target Difficult Areas
– Up to 4 Areas In 1 Session – Visible Results
– Maximum Coverage
– Safe Controlled Cooling
– Permanent Fat Loss Procedure