Service Details

– Duration: 75 minutes
– Price: $388/ treatment

Intensive skin treatment with 3 intensive steps

  1. Glow Peel – An unique aesthetics Glow Peel from Korea
  2. Oxygen Infusion – 100% Pure Oxygen
  3. Cryo 3D Face Tightening + 8 Growth Factor Active Cocktail

Suitable For

All skin types. Tackle pimples for clearer skin, tightens pores, improves tired and saggy skin, helps to brighten skin tone and moisturise dry skin. 


Super Glowy Skin
Diminishes Fine Lines
Minimizes Enlarged Pores & Improve Acne Conditions
Increases Cell & Collagen Growth
Youthful, Plumped & Rejuvenated Skin
Nourishes Skin & Boosts Collagen Growth
– Delivers Oxygen To The Deepest Skin Layer & Detoxifies The Skin
Skin Is Super Glowy & Radiant
Skin Feels Tighter
Restores Firmness & Radiance
Face Sculpting To Give A 3D V Shape Contour